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October 26, 2012


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melissa rhodes

Cute card! Thanks for the chance!

Jackie H

Your card made me smile! Cool idea running the die cut throught the xyron to make it sticky!

Kim H

love the glitter techinque. wonderful embossing and layering. thanks for sharing.
PaperCraftingAddict Scrapper

Beverly Jordan

What a fantastic idea to use it to put layers of glitter and such on things!


I like your use of texture. Now, where are my embossing plates?


Love your card and especially how you added the glitter

Audrey Bianco

Love this card!


Love how you used the glitter! Love the sticker maker!

susan kopp

Cool technique for a very pretty outcome!

tracey Geneau

What a gtreat idea. Going to have to try it out

Ruth G

Yep, I've been a Xyron addict for a long time and have 3 different size machines for different size needs! They are awesome for things like what you did with the glitter (I've used it for flocking which is great since flocking and liquid glue don't always agree with each other!) Thanks for sharing your card and technique! It's so fun to see all the ways to use our tools!!!

Beth T.

great idea to add sparkle to the front with the Xyron!


Really think your card is great Suzanne. I love all the layering and I always love how you use embossing in your designs. I just bought one of the Xyron sticker makers and never thought about using it for glitter. Really think that is an awesome tip. Thanks for the design inspiration and can't wait to try your tip.

Tammy Luiz

Love this card. Thanks for the glitter tip. Might just have to use that idea on a frosty or snowy layout!

Betsy Burnett

For some reason this makes me think of a cheer the neighbor girls would practice "smile, sparkle, shine...will get you every time! " Love the card!


I am not a glitter person but I love this Smile card! happy happy! thank you!


Love the card. That's much faster and less messy than glue. Thanks!

Nancy Peterson

So very cute! Love it!

Amelia Harris

Great card!


I love my zyron and glitter!! Your card is perfect as always!!

Jeannine H

That seems like a great little tool! Beautiful card!


Just love those embellishments!!

Sir Jimmie

Hi! I am curious about one thing, of course if I'm not asking too much could you please share with us your place of birth?

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