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August 17, 2010


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Sandy Davis

Wow, you do have a paper supply, and how great that you are going to donate it and give some away. I cant wait to see the stash of stamps and punches!


I had such a giggle throughout this very descriptive post :)
9 inches of purged paper... OMGoodness!
Now it all looks neat and tidy and ready for more shopping! :)

Christy Monge

Okay-I don't even come close to having the amount of paper that you do-in fact, do we have that much at the store? I know who you can donate to-I'll text the info to you today.




That's what I do...I take things I don't want to my LSS and a teacher comes and picks it up for the kids..I love that...

You did a great job!


Good NIGHT, you have a LOT of paper! I've been scrapping forEVER, too, but have to purge paper all the time. I figure with new stuff coming in all the time, I'm probably not going to be using the really old stuff anyway.

Someone's going to be VERY happy with your donation!

Your room looks awesome too! Love that you're organized! I was going to post some pics of my room this week, too. And let's just say that my paper collection PALES in comparison to yours! You will be amused! :-)


Lori Massicot

That looks TOO good! I have been needing to organize for such a long time but just don't have it in me right now.

You're so organized! love it:)

Ezlie Perez

OMG I would sooo love to go through your donate pile!! I'm sad my current pile isn't even close to 9"!! Got some shoppin' to do! =D
Good job of organizing your 'inventory'!


wahoooo! yay for organization! you did a fabulous job. now if only my area could look as organized as yours. ;) haha.


Sara Rossi

Good to see someone else with an addiction to this hobby! I'm just not sure I can narrow it down to one thing....I have a lot of paper (nothing like yours though!!), punches, stamps......I bet your daughter's friend would love some of that pile of goodies!

laura vegas

i have to say, you have way more pattern paper than i do. lol! i purge mine quite often though. your organization of it all looks great. i sort mine my manufacturer too, and have seperate areas for holiday and school type stuff. recently, i purged my cardstock ... and i had about 14 inches to give away.

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