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June 22, 2010


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awwww, that was sweet of you to bring her teachers those beautiful flowers though. love those ribbons. i STILL need to get myself some. may have to order them this week!!


Aww Suzanne! It sounds like it worked out O.K. ! That could happen to anyone. Don't beat youself up ok? by her taking the flowers in and getting to sing it was wonderful I bet :-) My grandaughter had her last day of pre-school last week and they sang the bumble bee my 2 year old is singing it...Soooo darn cute!

sarah de guzman

great pics, suzanne!

...and congrats to your daughter. yay! yay! yay!

i have some of those ribbons, but i've been hoarding them. i find they are too pretty to use. haha! :)



The pictures are beautiful!!! i love the picture of your dd with the roses!!!! cant wait to see what you going to do with it!!!

Sara Rossi

Awww sweetie! I would be upset about missing her last day too BUT we are human so give yourself a much deserved break. And I gave up my planner in favor of my iphone too but make a habit to start the day to review what's going on PLUS the reminders. And yes I still forget things. That's great that she got to be included the next day at school--sounds like a great teacher! And lucky you to have that yummy ribbon!! Have fun with it!! {{HUGS}}


I'm sure every Mom can relate, the photos are beautiful and it looks like it all worked out. Thanks for the ribbon info. Will have to get some soon.

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